About us

AKCES Customs Agency carries out its activities at the Customs Office in Radom. The company was founded in response to growing interest in businesses engaged in trade with EU countries and beyond. Our primary goal is a comprehensive representation of client interests before the customs authorities in Poland.

We know that every client needs a quick and professional service, which is why everyone is treated by us in accordance with the principle of "Our customer, our Lord".

Our business...

... is based mainly on the role of representative of businesses and individuals in dealing with the customs administration. This type of service is an important factor in facilitating trade with foreign countries. In accordance with Article. 5 and 243 paragraphs. 2 point. b Community Customs Code (CCC), every person has the right to issue a representative to represent it before the customs authorities. The establishment is represented by power of attorney (authorization). Our employees are empowered customs agent added to the list of the Ministry of Finance.

Asset of our company in addition to knowledge, experience and professionalism is adaptation to individual needs of a customer. Constant monitoring of the changing laws and legal norms, and the development of professional skills enables us to increase the level of service from the Intrastat, customs and excise.