We offer the following services:

DUTY (Customs clearance):

  1. full service customs clearance procedures: admission to trading, exports, inward and outward processing, temporary admission, warehousing
  2. TIR Carnet Service reported electronically
  3. filling of CMR, DWC, TIR, certificates of origin, EUR.1 documents
  4. consultancy, applications, appeals relating to customs matters
  5. examination of goods and retrieve of samples before making of the declaration
  6. help in organizing warehouses, customs warehouses or tax warehouses
  7. the development of applications for licenses for customs procedures and their subsequent operation
  8. cooperation with logistics companies in area of the storage and transport


  1. INTRASTAT preparation for intra-Community acquisition and supply of goods
  2. recording of the intra-Community supplies (WDT) and purchased (WNT) goods in the system INTRASTAT
  3. preparation of internal VAT invoices


  1. filling of the excise declarations
  2. preparation of applications for excise refundation due to intra-Community acquisition or importation of a passenger car
  3. representation in the excise duty - the powers confirmed by the supplementary examination


  1. filling of the VAT-24 declaration to the Tax Office
  2. certified translations