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The European Parliament approved the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Vietnam. Virtually all customs tariffs will be abolished over the next decade, of which two thirds will already be in force at the commencement date. European companies will have access to the Vietnamese procurement and services market.

It should be remembered that the legal requirements for importing goods into Saudi Arabia will change since January 1, 2020. Since then, most goods entering the Saudi market, both imported and manufactured locally, must be registered in the Saber system.

In this new product safety program, consumer goods are classified and divided into two categories: regulated (1) and unregulated (2). Regardless of category, all products must be registered in Saber.
Products in the 'regulated' category are classified as high or medium risk products. The requirements are specified in the technical regulations developed by SASO. 'Unregulated' products are classified as low risk products and are not covered by technical regulations. These products require their own declaration of conformity (sDoC).
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